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04 Three Steps

“I do not seek applause, nor to amuse the people, I want to convince them.” —Abraham Lincoln

      Advance Praise for The Tyranny of Public Discourse:

"I knew for sure the six elements of a proposition really worked when I started receiving student writing assignments. Not every student was at the same sophistication level, but each had significantly improved persuasive writing skills. Writing a six element proposition takes away the 'I feel' and focuses on the 'I know.'"
       —Jon Parrott, High School U.S. History Teacher, Urbandale, Iowa

2010 Virtual Book Signing™ at the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop (video).

1. Enjoyment Pure enjoyment. The Tyranny of Public Discourse can be read to enjoy selected Lincoln and Jefferson writings and their associated history. The biggest payoff is learning the method.

2. Understand Jefferson's and Lincoln's Structural Method Work through the demarcations and the step-by-step learning in The Tyranny of Public Discourse. We break down the method so Jefferson and Lincoln teach you how. The ultimate joy is improving your ability to think, write, and speak. Memorize the names of the six elements of a proposition. Memorize the one sentence definitions of the six elements. Focus on how the six elements relate to each other.

3. Internalize the Process The payoff is huge.

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